Palm Springs, CA 2021

Peace Over Happiness

Stop chasing happiness, start choosing peace. The goal is not to be happy, the goal is to be healthy — physically, mentally, and emotionally — because realistically, life can have some real shitty moments but with inner peace you can and will survive anything.

2 min readAug 12, 2021


As I sit here in silence, in this room full of life & joy, I contemplate happiness — my own happiness in particular — and I feel a sudden rush of chills. Am I happy? Isn’t that the question everyone asks themselves in a pivotal moment in their life? I’ll start off by saying yes, I am happy, I could most definitely be happier, but I want to dive much deeper than that. In this very moment, I answer one of life’s biggest questions (and I’m sure I’ll ask myself 100’s of times more throughout my lifetime). I am happy in my life but I’m much more than that; I’m at PEACE.

All this time I’ve focused on finding happiness but it was never about finding happiness. It’s about finding people, places, and things that help you be at peace. It is when you achieve peace that happiness follows.

I acknowledge that life cannot always be full of happiness, and that all we can strive for is a life full of peace and harmony with moments of happiness.

Happiness is a temporary feeling. I know that sounds very cynical but as someone who has experienced dark days, all I ask for when happiness seems so out of reach, is peace in my heart & mind.

How lucky I am to be sitting here in peace. Even luckier to be writing this during a shared moment of happiness. These are the moments that get me through the uneasy days in life.